Babes Your Friend

Charity Status

Charity Registration Date: 13 Sep 2013

Institution of a Public Character (IPC) Status – General Fund
Period Approved: 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022
Sector Administrator: Ministry of Social and Family Development

Full member of National Council of Social Service since 1 Mar 2014
Ordinary member of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations since 3 July 2018

Registered Office
50 Raffles Place #17-01 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623

Office Address
26 Jalan Klinik #01-42/52 Singapore 160026

DBS Bank Ltd

Company Secretary
David Lim & Partners LLP

Ardent Associates LLP

Contact Information
Contact Person: Melisa Wong, Executive Director
Tel: 6664 8590/91

Whistle Blowing policy

Contact Details
Whistleblowing Officer
Name: Ms Melisa Wong
Telephone: 6664 8591

Chairman of the Audit Committee
Name: Mr Purandar Rao

1.1 We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity and we expect all staff to maintain high standards. Any suspected wrongdoing should be reported as soon as possible.

1.2 This policy covers all employees, directors, officers, volunteers, interns, agents, contractors, external consultants, third-party representatives and business partners.

1.3 This policy does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment and we may amend it at any time.

Whistleblowing is the reporting of suspected wrongdoing or dangers in relation to our activities. This includes bribery, fraud or other criminal activity, miscarriages of justice, health and safety risks, damage to the environment and any breach of legal or professional obligations.

3.1 We hope that in many cases you will be able to raise any concerns with your supervisor. However, where you prefer not to raise it with your supervisor for any reason, you should contact the Executive Director or Audit Chairperson. Contact details are at the end of this policy.

3.2 We will arrange a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss your concern. You may bring a colleague to any meetings under this policy. Your companion must respect the confidentiality of your disclosure and any subsequent investigation.

We hope that you will feel able to voice whistleblowing concerns openly under this policy. Completely anonymous disclosures are difficult to investigate. If you want to raise your concern confidentially, we will make every effort to keep your identity secret and only reveal it where necessary to those involved in investigating your concern.

5.1 The aim of this policy is to provide an internal mechanism for reporting, investigating and remedying any wrongdoing in the workplace. In most cases you should not find it necessary to alert anyone externally.

5.2 The law recognises that in some circumstances it may be appropriate for you to report your concerns to an external body such as a regulator. We strongly encourage you to seek advice before reporting a concern to anyone external.

6.1 We aim to encourage openness and will support whistleblowers who raise genuine concerns under this policy, even if they turn out to be mistaken.

6.2 Whistleblowers must not suffer any detrimental treatment as a result of raising a genuine concern. If you believe that you have suffered any such treatment, you should inform the Contact Persons immediately. If the matter is not remedied you should raise it formally using our Grievance Procedure.

6.3 No one shall threaten or retaliate against whistleblowers in any way. If anyone is found to be involved, they may be subject to disciplinary action.

Whistleblowing Officer
Name: Ms Melisa Wong
Telephone: 6664 8590/91

Chairman of the Audit Committee
Name: Mr Purandar Rao