To reach out to as many pregnant teenagers needing support as possible, Babes has organised its work into these components:

Once a pregnant teenager has agreed to meet up with us or a pregnant teenager is referred to us by an external agency, Babes will go through the options with the pregnant teenager with a view of facilitating a responsible decision and action. Babes caseworkers will meet the girl at a time and place that she is comfortable with. The caseworker will journey with the girl to ensure that she is well supported by her family, friends and wider community in her decision and is able to carry out her decision as best as possible. She will also be linked to the formal and informal community resources.

Young people need to be engaged with regard to the issue of teenage pregnancy. The idea is twofold: 1) for them to be aware that there are services out there that assist pregnant teenagers who need support 2) for them to reflect and take ownership of the issue.

Babes partners tertiary educational institutions, youth agencies and other community agencies to reach out to young people. Babes uses forum theatre, focus group discussions, social media and other creative tools to engage young people in the discussion surrounding teenage pregnancy.

 To encourage youth to reflect on the issue of teen pregnancy. We also hope that the youths we engage with will encourage their peers who have difficulty coping with a pregnancy crisis.

Outreach through:

  • Forum theatre/Babes Productions
  • Open Mic Night
  • Workshops
  • Roadshows and Booth
  • Online Social Media

Happy Stork

One of the biggest challenges for new teen mums is their inability to go to school or work regularly as they need to personally care for their newborn babies. This makes it hard for them to afford basic necessities like formula milk and diapers. Happy Stork is a program to aid needy teen mums with baby necessities. Each month, milk and diapers would be delivered to their home to help alleviate some of the financial burden in raising a baby.

Skills-based Workshop

To empower the teenage girls we support, Babes conduct skills workshops every quarter of the year with the goal of imparting skill sets that they can potentially utilise. With the help of passionate volunteer and partner instructors, we have previously tailored and conducted various interesting and interactive workshops such as Cupcake fondant decorating, Financial Literacy, Social Media entrepreneurship and healthy snack making.

Babes Empowerment Camp

Community and family support is crucial for the vulnerable group of girls we assist especially if they choose parenthood. Thus, as part of our casework, Babes organised a 3 day 2 night camp for our service-users with programs and activities that focus on finding self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.

1. Practical Assistance – Short term emergency financial assistance and baby essentials.

2. Pre and Post-Natal Assistance - Babes teams up with various trained volunteers and partners such as WINGS (Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully), to prepare the girls to care for their baby and themselves.

3. Befriender Service - Befrienders are volunteers who provide one on one support to the pregnant girls and be a friend to these girls.

4. Empowerment workshops and camps – these programs aim to provide beneficiaries offering various soft and hard skills with the aim to empower them.

5. Employment Assistance - Babes will partner with corporates or individual volunteers and liaise with various employers, social enterprises and employment schemes to assist these girls in finding suitable employment for those who are ready to take on employment.