Babes Your Friend

Christina d/o Arumugam

Executive Director
Senior Assistant Director, Sun Ray (NCSS)

Christina spearheads Babes, that lends a helping hand to pregnant teens in crisis. She has been with Babes since July 2015.

Prior to this, she was heading the School of Psychology at MDIS for 2 years and was a primary school teacher for 11 years.

Christina holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Most of her free time is spent with her 3 kids. She also loves to cook and travel.

Being in the sector for 5 years now, Christina believes that social work is not about the income but about the outcome. Helping one person may not change the world but it could change the world for one person.

Azrahayu Ahmad Afandi

Casework Supervisor

Azrahayu Ahmad Afandi is the Casework Supervisor at Babes Pregnancy Support Ltd. She is a Registered Social Service Practitioner with the Singapore Social Work Association and has been working with direct clients ranging from children, youth, women and prisoners for 22 years.

Azra has an extensive experience working with pregnant teenagers and out of school youth. She is person centred and believes that every youth have their strength and should be empowered through guidance and education. Azra received her tertiary education in Counselling Psychology.

Noor Haslinda Hj. Md So’od

Social Worker (RSW)

‘The youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow’ – Nelson Mendela

Haslinda left the media industry to join the Social Service sector in 2008. Her first stint in the sector was an eye opener as she was exposed to working with ex-offenders and managing volunteers who are highly qualified and very experienced in the sector. Despite the challenges, she has never looked back. In 2011, Haslinda received the National CSSP Award for co-spearheading The Community Befriending Project in collaboration with Singapore Prisons Service. The rich experiences and various trainings she received during the five years of working with volunteers and ex-offenders in the after-care sector gave her the drive to advocate further for the less fortunate group in the community.

Haslinda joined Babes in 2013 with Outreach as her main portfolio. However, while completing her Social Work studies, she realises her true calling in case management. With the blessing and encouragement from the Executive Director, she joined the casework team in 2016. Her tertiary education in two very different fields; Mass Communications and Social Work has somewhat given her the edge to be in this sector. A strong believer in the impact that youths have on society, Haslinda is passionate about youth capacity building and wants to do more for youths at risk. An animal lover, she wants to study animal therapy in hopes to introduce alternative therapy as part of her counselling and case management in the future!

Siti Fatimah Binte Abdul Karim

Social Worker (RSW)

Siti joined Babes as a Community Partnership Executive back in December 2014. Coming from a finance background, Siti decided to make that switch to social work and join Babes. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Singapore University of Social Science. With support from Babes and her family, she then pursued her Graduate Diploma and successfully completed her Master of Social Work in 2017.

With her accreditation as a social worker, Siti continues to journey with our service users, families, friends and volunteers. To Siti, seeing lives being empowered and witnessing the positive change in them is such a beautiful experience and that kept her going till today. She strongly believes that with right guidance and support, our youth has the capacity to build resilience and grow from adversity.

On a personal level, Siti hope to pursue her PHD one day on an issue/topic that revolves around our youth of today.

Santhiya Subra

Outreach Executive

Santhiya is the Outreach Executive at Babes. Her role at Babes includes educating and working collaboratively with other agencies and schools in Singapore. Being professionally trained in Applied Theatre, Santhiya believes in the unique capacity drama has to empower individuals and incorporates the collaborative processes of drama with the outreach work at Babes.

Santhiya graduated from The Royal Central of Speech and Drama, London in 2013. Her interest in social issues associated with girls in particular started while working at HEEALS, Delhi where she educated and helped girls in slums about sanitation and hygiene issues. Since then, she has worked and volunteered with various non-profit organisations and charities working closely with young girls addressing issues of poverty, abuse and more. She strongly believes the importance of building a strong community for young girls to grow and thrive in.

Pearlyn Tan

Social Media and Volunteer Management Executive

Pearlyn is the Social Media and Volunteer Management Executive at Babes. She spearheads content creation and manages Babes’ online presence as well as work with volunteers and partners to co-create collaborative events/programs to empower youths.

Everyone has a story to tell and all our narratives are valid. Pearlyn is passionate presenting the stories of individuals to shed light on complex issues. She is also an avid believer in building meaningful relationships not just with external organisations, volunteers but also service-users to partner with them and create purposeful programs that can help empower and build a strong community.

In her free time, she reads, draws and attempt to pet strange cats.

Pearlyn graduated from NUS Business School in Business Administration in 2016.

Zeenatunnisa d/o Mohd Haniff


Zeenat has more than 20 years of experience in the HR and Finance department having vast experience in different industries. She has also managed her own Building Maintenance company for over a decade.

She joined Babes in March of 2019 and manage all aspects of HR /Admin and finance functions and Corporate Governance. Every industry is a learning journey which expands to more opportunities.