Babes Your Friend

Melisa Wong

Executive Director

Melisa took on the role of Executive Director at Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd in December 2020. Her passion revolves around families and children, and she aspires to effect positive change by empowering families to make informed decisions about their future.

Her journey began as a volunteer, and she has since dedicated more than two decades to the social service sector. Melisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from NUS and is a Registered Social Worker with the Singapore Social Work Association. Throughout her career, she has led and managed diverse teams, overseeing a wide range of community development and social service programs, spanning areas such as arts, environmental initiatives, support for seniors, children, and family services. Melisa’s unwavering dedication and experience exemplify her relentless pursuit of positively impacting the lives of those she serves.

Melisa’s transformative journey into motherhood has strengthened her resolve to make a meaningful impact on the lives of families and children. Her commitment to empowering others resonates with the belief that by enriching the lives of those she serves, we simultaneously enrich our own. In the words of the saying, “As we create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

Michelle Pang

Senior Manager Communications & Partnership

Michelle is an architect and a builder, laying foundations and developing communications infrastructure for growth and organizational evolution. She cares about the “why” in communications. When people are connected with purpose and narratives resonate with key stakeholders, relationships can be built and grown.

A seasoned communicator with over 20 years of in-house and agency experience spanning both corporate and social service organizations, Michelle believes in Curating Experiences, the art of Compelling Storytelling, and in Cultivating Credibility.

“If you can clearly articulate the dream or the goal, start.” — Simon Sinek

Noor Haslinda Hj. Md So’od

Senior Social Worker (RSW)

‘The youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow’ – Nelson Mendela

Haslinda left the media industry to join the Social Service sector in 2008. Her first stint in the sector was an eye opener as she was exposed to working with ex-offenders and managing volunteers who are highly qualified and very experienced in the sector. Despite the challenges, she has never looked back. In 2011, Haslinda received the National CSSP Award for co-spearheading The Community Befriending Project in collaboration with Singapore Prisons Service. The rich experiences and various trainings she received during the five years of working with volunteers and ex-offenders in the after-care sector gave her the drive to advocate further for the less fortunate group in the community.

Haslinda joined Babes in 2013 with Outreach as her main portfolio. However, while completing her Social Work studies, she realises her true calling in case management. With the blessing and encouragement from the Executive Director, she joined the casework team in 2016. Her tertiary education in two very different fields; Mass Communications and Social Work has somewhat given her the edge to be in this sector. A strong believer in the impact that youths have on society, Haslinda is passionate about youth capacity building and wants to do more for youths at risk. An animal lover, she wants to study animal therapy in hopes to introduce alternative therapy as part of her counselling and case management in the future!

Siti Fatimah Binte Abdul Karim

Senior Social Worker (RSW)

Siti joined Babes as a Community Partnership Executive back in December 2014. Coming from a finance background, Siti decided to make that switch to social work and join Babes. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Singapore University of Social Science. With support from Babes and her family, she then pursued her Graduate Diploma and successfully completed her Master of Social Work in 2017.

With her accreditation as a social worker, Siti continues to journey with our service users, families, friends and volunteers. To Siti, seeing lives being empowered and witnessing the positive change in them is such a beautiful experience and that kept her going till today. She strongly believes that with right guidance and support, our youth has the capacity to build resilience and grow from adversity.

On a personal level, Siti hope to pursue her PHD one day on an issue/topic that revolves around our youth of today.

Pearlyn Tan

Marketing & Communications Executive

Pearlyn is the Marketing & Communications Executive at Babes. She spearheads content creation and manages Babes’ online presence as well as work with volunteers and partners to co-create collaborative events/programs to empower youths.

Everyone has a story to tell and all our narratives are valid. Pearlyn is passionate presenting the stories of individuals to shed light on complex issues. She is also an avid believer in building meaningful relationships not just with external organisations, volunteers but also service-users to partner with them and create purposeful programs that can help empower and build a strong community.

In her free time, she reads, draws and attempt to pet strange cats.

Pearlyn graduated from NUS Business School in Business Administration in 2016.

Zeenatunnisa d/o Mohd Haniff

HR and Finance Executive

Zeenat has more than 20 years of experience in the HR and Finance department having vast experience in different industries. She has also managed her own Building Maintenance company for over a decade.

She joined Babes in March of 2019 and manage all aspects of HR /Admin and finance functions and Corporate Governance. Every industry is a learning journey which expands to more opportunities.

Patsy Ang

Volunteer Management Executive

Patsy started volunteering since 2012. After many years in the corporate world, she makes the big move to leave her career and embark on a trip to Myanmar.

Volunteering with the Children of Tomorrow Youth Centre, she has experienced days without electricity power and water. These simple necessities to us, is a luxury to them.

When COVID 19 started, Patsy joined the SG Healthcare Corps to serve in the frontline supporting the swab operations. Her passion to help and support the underprivileged and needy was ignited, prompting her to join the non-profit sector.

In August 2021, Patsy joined Babes as a Volunteer Management Executive. She has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and is a Certified Human Behaviour Consultant.

Tan Ban Cheng

Knowledge Management Executive

Cheng is the Knowledge Management Executive at Babes. He works with the team to enhance the capture, access and sharing of knowledge within the organisation with the aim to support the functions and work processes of Babes. One area of the work will involve the structured organisation of digital knowledge content for easier access and sharing.

 Cheng joined Babes in 2021 after more than 30 years of work in the land transport sector. He is a civil engineer by training.  He had witnessed the rapid growth and acquisition of knowledge and capability in the sector. In the later of his career in the sector, he worked in areas and projects on the sharing, exchange and capture of knowledge on land transport.

Ixora Amyra

Social Work Associate

Ixora joined Babes in July 2021. She is a fresh graduate, who completed her Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) from Nanyang Polytechnic. 

She chose the working route before continuing her studies in undergraduate level so as to gain experience and be in field. She feels that experiential learning will allow her to experience greater gratification in honing her skills and knowledge in social work. 

Despite her young age, her supervisors and mentors have commended her with high independent learning and good analytical ability to engage in self-reflection. 

She has a passion and aptitude towards research. She hopes to pursue a thesis work in her undergraduate study.

She enjoys doing graphic designs and explores new technology for leisure!

Rossy Sri Julyana

Programme & Outreach Coordinator

As someone who has been with Babes since 2022 back when she was still a social work intern, Rossy is currently the Programme and Outreach Coordinator at Babes. Rossy graduated in 2023 with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Social Work.

Unlike other undergraduates who stay in their primary majors throughout, Rossy made the switch from Communications and New Media to Social Work in her third year of studies. At a time when COVID 19 still persisted, she met a social worker. The encounter intrigued her to explore the social service sector and landed her to where she is today.

Rossy believes that everyone has the capacity to grow and excel given the resources. The knowledge she acquired so far then comes in handy to support our teenagers under the Bridging Programme and the Happy Stork Programme.

An avid concertgoer, Rossy had gone to 11 concerts in a single year. That’s almost one concert per month!