Young and fulfilled parent


Friday March 04th, 2016

At 18 years old, I found out I was pregnant. The thought of having a baby never entered my mind, but when I missed my period twice, I asked my boyfriend to get a pregnancy test kit and was tested positive. Overwhelmed and anxious about what to do next, I told my parents on the same day and surprisingly, my parents responded with delight. I was shocked but happy at the same time.

I found out about Babes through my brother’s Probation Officer and decided to contact them for help and support. The Babes worker explored the three possible options with me: adoption, parenthood or abortion. Even though I already kind of decided to keep the baby, I was curious to know about the other options. After much thought, I chose to keep the baby still, despite the lack of financial stability – especially since my boyfriend was still serving his National Service. Even with such real challenges in front of me, I felt quite sure of my decision as I felt supported by my parents, boyfriend and his family.

As months passed by, during my 2nd and 3rd trimester, the Babes worker continued to offer support and help like accompanying me to polyclinic/hospital for pre-natal checks, bringing me to grocery stores to check out baby stuff, talking to me when I felt stressed or confused, and giving me relevant reading materials on pregnancy. I was very grateful for time spent and appreciated it very much, especially when my boyfriend and mother couldn’t accompany me.

After giving birth, my boyfriend and I decided to get married. This decision was supported by all our family and friends. We held a baby shower on my child’s first month and I was very happy that all my family and friends who supported me through my pregnancy were present.

I am now holding a job in the service industry and juggle between taking care of my 14-month old son and work. I make sure I spend time with my son whenever I can. What I am most grateful for is the loving relationship with my husband and supportive in-laws who adore my son. We have our fair share of challenges and arguments but in the end we try our best to work things out.