Single motherhood as a teenage mother

Putri & Luna

Putri was 19 when she became pregnant. Money was tight and her family was not happy to hear the news. She was beaten and left homeless.

Although Putri did not plan her pregnancy, her baby became a source of strength to keep going even when everything was dark. Now, she is determined to be an advocate for all single mothers out there and is currently working towards a diploma in Forensic Science.

Many of the teenage girls who come to us for assistance come from an underprivileged background like Putri. Like every other teenager, they make reckless decisions. The key, however, is to pick themselves up and keep moving forward.


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Forging Ahead: A Teenage Single Mother’s Story of Resilience

As a teenage single mom, Thivya’s resilience and determination to provide her child with a good life, despite facing disapproval…

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Motherhood Journey: Love and Support Makes a Difference

Dinnie is a teenager who became a mother at a young age. As a teenager, dealing with the realities of…

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Love, Courage and Strength: A Teenage Mother’s Story

Meet Vanessa, the fearless teenage mother who defied all odds and stepped up to the challenge of motherhood with courage…

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Cut off from family and navigating teenage pregnancy

‘I am 19 and I just gave birth to my son.’ After I gave birth to my baby, I felt…

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Moving on


At twenty years old I gave birth to my first child. Lying in a maternity ward at NUH, my one-day-old baby boy was next to me. I was happy for a moment but then felt sad immediately in the next. Numerous thoughts were racing through my mind. I have no idea what to do next! I was only a student then and have dreams of being a flight stewardess. How…

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Beginning anew


I first came to Babes because I wanted to learn more about my rights as a young, unmarried, pregnant teenager. I also needed financial assistance. I was already half-way through my pregnancy. Even though my boyfriend was supportive, I was still anxious. I wanted to give my baby a good life. Initially, I was hesitant to talk about much else…

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Growing Bonds


It’s International Women’s Week and in honor of that we will be featuring some of our strong women at Babes…

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Always have Faith


It’s International Women’s Week and in honor of that we will be featuring some of our strong women at Babes and celebrating their journey. Join us in showing some love to our girls! My name is Putri and I was 19 when I became pregnant. Luna’s dad left me when I decided to have her. My parents disagreed with my decision to have Luna as I…

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Finding love and support

Hui Ling

My life up to this point has been a roller coaster – adventurous, scary, with dips and highs. Yes, I am a Secondary school dropout. And, yes, I am pregnant. I haven’t lived the life of a normal teenager but, at the heart of it, I just want the love, care, and support that any young person needs. This is my story. Coming from a broken…

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Living at the beach


I was pregnant with my second child when I was 19 years old. I was living at the beach with my boyfriend, and my first child was placed under foster care with MCYS as I was unable to provide for her basic needs. For a few months, the Babes worker tried to advise me to stay in a shelter for the baby’s sake but I was not keen. I preferred to…

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Second chance


I was only in Secondary 3 when I found out I was pregnant. My school counsellor called the Babes helpline when she found out about my pregnancy. I managed to hide my pregnancy for a long time and by the time she got to know about it, I was close to my delivery date. I was not regular in school and was on the verge of dropping out. I decided to…

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Supportive parents through the good and bad times


My school counsellor called the Babes helpline when she found out I was pregnant. She was worried for me and felt that it would be helpful if there was someone to offer advice and support. The Babes workers then contacted me by SMS and I met up with her together with my parents. I found out that I was pregnant 3 months ago and told my parents…

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Giving back


I was 15 years old and still in school when I found out I was pregnant. Feeling confused, scared and not knowing what to do, I did not tell my mother or anyone else about my situation. I decided to contact the Babes helpline after some thought. After a few exchanges of conversation thru SMS, I agreed to meet up with the Babes worker to talk more…

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Panic, grief, acceptance


My mother contacted the helpline after she found out I was 6 months pregnant. I was only 16 years old then. She wanted to get help fast because my family was in a state of panic after the news broke. I did not have the intention to tell my parents about the pregnancy even though I knew about it when I was about 4 months pregnant. This was…

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Young and fulfilled parent


At 18 years old, I found out I was pregnant. The thought of having a baby never entered my mind, but when I missed my period twice, I asked my boyfriend to get a pregnancy test kit and was tested positive. Overwhelmed and anxious about what to do next, I told my parents on the same day and surprisingly, my parents responded with delight. I was…

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