Donation: Dollar to Dollar Matching

Enable Individuals, Empower Futures

Every dollar donated towards Babes’ eligible fundraising campaigns is doubled through dollar-for-dollar matching, thanks to Tote Board’s Enhanced Fundraising Program. With the potential to receive up to $250,000 in matching funds per charity, our efforts aim to support the underserved in our community. Your contribution not only directly assists teenage mothers and families in need but also amplifies the impact of our mission to provide vital resources and support. Double your impact, join us in making a meaningful difference today!

Your donation could provide crucial support to our beneficiaries in various areas, including pre/postnatal services such as confinement food, pre/postnatal massage, parenting classes, mental health support, healthcare expenses, grief counseling, and addressing essential needs such as diapers. By addressing both practical necessities and emotional support, your contribution has a profound impact on the holistic well-being of families, laying the foundation for healthier futures.

Current Enabling Campaigns

Provide Formula Milk, Diapers and Essential Resources.

Share your blessings and give an Ang Bao to a pregnant teen in need!

Your donation has the power to drive impactful initiatives across various fronts. It could bolster upstream efforts in sex education and outreach endeavors aimed at promoting reproductive health and curbing unplanned pregnancies to youths in Singapore. Additionally, your support could directly fund crucial services for our beneficiaries, enabling further education and skill development while facilitating income generation through entrepreneurial ventures, empowering individuals towards financial independence.

Current Empowerment Campaigns

Donate to our Empowerment fund to help young women reach their dreams!