Volunteer & Partners Appreciation Day

Saturday October 29th, 2022

As a small team, our resources and manpower are often limited. We can only achieve the things we do with the help of generous volunteers who answer our call for help without fail. To appreciate our Volunteers & Partners for their enduring support, each year we would take a day to thank them for the selfless contribution of their time, effort and passion for our cause.

Babes celebrated our volunteers and partners at Kampung Siglap on October 29th! This year, we spiced things up and got our hearts racing.

Our energetic morning started with 2 intense workout sessions, and our guests got to choose between Rebounding by Jumping Singapore, a workout that is performed on a mini-trampoline, or BodyCombat by JR fitness, a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout. After breaking out a sweat, they enjoyed a scrumptious meal at KS cafe, a social enterprise.

We would like to thank our supporters Cheesey Peezee for sponsoring their mini cheese cups. Our guests were absolutely delighted by this gorgeous and delicious treat. Huge shout-out to JR fitness and Jumping Singapore for the intense workout session! The instructors were amazing, and we had great fun burning those calories! 🤸

And of course, we cannot forget our volunteers and partners. Thank you for your heart, dedication, and support to our cause in 2022. Your contributions helped transform the lives of those in need. ❤️