Growing Bonds


Wednesday March 07th, 2018

It’s International Women’s Week and in honor of that we will be featuring some of our strong women at Babes and celebrating their journey. Join us in showing some love to our girls! #solidarity

I’m Thivya and am turning 22 this year. I have a son who is 4 years old and he has made me love being a mother. However, my journey was not easy. Thankfully, I reached out to Babes. My social worker Linda, from Babes played the biggest role in my journey towards motherhood and I am so blessed to have met her.

I found out that I was pregnant when I was 17. At that time, my parents completely disagreed with my decision to have the baby. I was chased out of my house. That was one of the toughest phases in my life.

I was underage at the time and many people kept telling me that I was not matured or financially stable to have a baby. I was constantly told to abort my baby, despite my decision of parenthood. I was lost. I did have thoughts on sending my child to a foster home or putting my child up for adoption, but I couldn’t go through it.

It was during this time that I met Linda – I consider her my life saver! During this difficult time, she was the only one who had faith in me. I finally felt like there was hope.

To me, she was more like a mother than a social worker who helped me understand that I could support my child and give him a good life. She guided me on my journey towards motherhood and handheld me throughout the delivery process. And the help I got from Babes didn’t stop there.

Babes even went the extra mile to provide me with all the baby necessities that I needed to raise my baby, ranging from strollers, to baby cots, to diapers and baby clothes. The social workers from Babes even visited me regularly to check if I was doing well – they took a personal interest in me and my child. I kept in touch with Linda even after delivering my child and looked to her for emotional support. She was a very understanding person and a good listener, and has made me a stronger and better person.

Today, my son and I are leading a great life. My family has accepted us and provide us with the support we need. Currently, I’m studying at Kaplan, doing my diploma and my son is attending Nursery school. I also work part-time to make sure I am able to support my son and provide him with my best. That is the biggest goal in my life.

My son and I love the outdoors and I’ve got a perfect little companion because he loves doing adventurous activities like me. We have even conquered the Mega Adventure Park in Sentosa, and have visited numerous indoor playgrounds. We both have a sweet tooth and you will often find us in the shopping mall eating different types of desserts. Our bond will continue to grow!

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