Always have Faith


Wednesday March 07th, 2018

It’s International Women’s Week and in honor of that we will be featuring some of our strong women at Babes and celebrating their journey. Join us in showing some love to our girls!

My name is Putri and I was 19 when I became pregnant. Luna’s dad left me when I decided to have her. My parents disagreed with my decision to have Luna as I was studying at that time and thus had no means to raise a child on my own. They asked me to leave home and I did with a heavy heart. I had nowhere to go, no place to stay and no money to eat. In addition to this, I was hospitalized for a week and nearly lost Luna. It was the most the darkest period of my life.

It was during this difficult phase that I reached out to Babes. My caseworker provided me with emotional support and spoke with me daily making me feel that there was someone I could rely on for advice and guidance. I also had two friends who cared for my well-being during this time. They would bring me food and made sure I was happy amidst all my problems. I was allowed to return home while I was 6 months pregnant as Luna’s dad came back to the picture and agreed to take on the responsibility of providing for our child. We had planned to get married but that didn’t happen as he left me again. I was devastated and so disappointed with him for continuously flaking from his responsibilities and promises. Again, I was so grateful that my caseworker was there for me in that situation.

It has been 1 year and I have Luna in my life now. I am so blessed to have her. I do everything with her and I love every moment of it. She’s like my best friend. I do feel extremely tired at times, but the feeling of waking up every day knowing that someone is there for me is priceless. Luna’s dad is my good friend now. He provides for Luna with the best he can and it is nice to see him being a responsible and caring father towards Luna despite what had happened between us. I have forgiven him and would rather focus on bringing up Luna well and healthy than to put ourselves through an unhappy marriage and letting that affect Luna in the long run.

Having Luna has taught me to always have faith bigger than your fears because no matter how difficult it is, things truly do get better even when you think it wouldn’t. Learn to accept the choices you make wholeheartedly. I’m so grateful that Babes was there for me during that difficult period of time. My daughter, Luna is the best thing that has happened to me so far.

Clothing sponsors for both mum and daughter: OETEO,
Photography: Chye Wei Sheng