Living at the beach


Friday April 01st, 2016

I was pregnant with my second child when I was 19 years old. I was living at the beach with my boyfriend, and my first child was placed under foster care with MCYS as I was unable to provide for her basic needs.

For a few months, the Babes worker tried to advise me to stay in a shelter for the baby’s sake but I was not keen. I preferred to stay at the beach and be with boyfriend. Fearing that I was not getting enough nutrition, the Babes worker continuously provided food rations while I was living at the beach. The safety of me and the baby was of great concern to her as well; hence she felt that providing basic necessities was important. In addition, she made regular visits to the beach to ensure I had all the necessities required. She also brought me for my regular antenatal checkups.

Initially, I wanted to keep the baby as I felt it was wrong to give away my own child. I had plans of asking some of my relatives for help to take care of my child when I go to work. After thinking through, I felt it would be better for me to give the child up for adoption to my boyfriend’s cousin. Although it was a very difficult decision, I felt that this would be best for the child as I knew that the child would be raised well by my boyfriend’s cousin’s family. I was aware that I did not have the means to provide the best for my child. My boyfriend has a regular job, but his monthly income is not sufficient for us to rent a house yet and, therefore, this is really the best decision.

My boyfriend and I have no regrets about our decision as we know that the baby will be raised well by this family. Also, we are free to visit whenever we want to.